VisualStudio Code and .NET Core 2.2 migration

I have experienced a weird problem today. My application has been throwing Entity Framework exceptions, which were saying that database which I am trying to open has unmatched column. It was about column called “Order”, which exists in source code of a class which is wired with table. Yep – I have added that column […]

F# is unable to find external types

I have got a specific problem while making some exercises from “A Functional Architecture with F#”, a great F# course by Mark Seemann. After adding a controller (Controller.fs), a file with types (Rendition.fs) and using an external type inside controller, the compiler started to say that this external type is not defined. It looks good […]

Unit tests in F# – friendly names

After few years of writing unit tests I have decided to replace MSTest framework with nUnit. There are few reasons of this. MSTest hasn’t change much since it was introduced in 2010 so it is far behind it’s competitors. It lacks of Assert.Throws. There is ExpectedException attribute but it isn’t consistent with other asserts and test coverage […]

Wroc# – second edition

At 10th of march 2016 we had the second edition of Wroc# – a conference organized by Objectivity company. This event, as well as previous one, was intended for .NET developers mostly. First presentation has started at 9 A.M. Perfect event preparation has been visible since entering into an event area. There were free all […]

Custom WinMerge plugin

In previous post about HTTP request comparison in Fiddler I showed how to integrate Fiddler and WinMerge to find differences easily. Given example shown a problem because when you get all parameters in one line then you are unable to locate which parameter is changed. Fortunately WinMerge has ability to extend its functionality using plugins. […]

Dependency Injection in .NET – Mark Seemann

If you want to implement Dependency Injection in your application, this book is for you. If you want to get into Dependency Injection, this book is for you. If you don’t know which Dependency Injection’s Container to choose, this book is for you. If haven’t heard about Dependency Injection before and you want to make […]

HTTP requests comparing with Fiddler and WinMerge

Fiddler is a great and easy to use tool for viewing network traffic monitoring that is being generated by our applications. It can be downloaded from Telerik’s Website – a company which is currently developing this tool: At this post we will look at HTTP requests comparing option. Option Compare will be activated in request’s […]