Wroc# – second edition

At 10th of march 2016 we had the second edition of Wroc# – a conference organized by Objectivity company. This event, as well as previous one, was intended for .NET developers mostly.

First presentation has started at 9 A.M. Perfect event preparation has been visible since entering into an event area. There were free all day parking for participants, solid bag with a lot of gifts like notebook or ID with agenda printed at the other side of punched card.

First prediction was full of technical issues – Ian Cooper was talking about microservices. According to schedule he supposed to have a second presentation but it was switched with the second one. Unfortunately it wasn’t a good idea because Ian’s presentation was about tough topic and it was very technical. I haven’t drink my first coffee yet and it was hard to focus for me during his talk. Presentation slides weren’t helpful because a lot of text informations rather than catchwords. After looking for some tweets I realized that it was’t only my problem.

Mark Rendle had his talk as a second one. He is an author of famous Simple Data component which allows an easy access to a database. His presentation “My First Startup (And Other Mistakes)” was very easy and self-mockery about his first steps at making startup. There were a lot of British sense of humor so this talk was perfect for option for a start of a conference.

The next lecturer – Enrico Campidoglio was a GIT hacker who shown how to change repository’s history using command line only (with tool to visualize branches).

After Enrico Julie Lerman has entered on the stage and she shown how to use new Entity Framework on her new and shiny MacBook. She turned our attention few times that she is using OS X, not a virtual machine with Windows like the other lecrurers. But sometimes EF didn’t work and she had to try again few times to do something.

After a lunch we had a Chris’ Klug presentation. He was at the previous edition of Wroc# also. His presentation was about font-end and he shown how to prepare build process for this. He was using Grunt task runner with Type Script compilation, tools for combining JS and CSS together and minify them. With those tools he tried to show how to automatically prepare optimized front-end with not too many requests and light files. It was nothing new to me because I have been working with e-commerce sites a lot. But I was surprised that there were not many developers familiar with those technologies at this conference. After Chris’ asked who know these tools there were only few hands up. Maybe e-commerce sites are written mostly in technologies other that .NET?

The last presentation was about ASP.NET Core (earlier vNext) by Glenn Gordon. After that the beer was served. This time organizers have prepared few different beers to try which were served in a glasses with Wroc# logo.

At the During discussion panel speakers were replying to questions asked via twitter (using #askwrocsharp tag). At this edition there were no questions after every presentation so during discussion panel were some questions to concrete people but there were question to all speakers also.

Once again Wroc# has been well organized conference with good speakers and topics and every presentation has started at a time. Organizers and Objectivity have done their best. There was only one thing that could be corrected at the next edition. At the screens only slides were shown. At previous edition speakers were also visible. It was good for people who were sitting far from stage. For me it is easier to listen while I see a speaker.

Schedule and more informations here: http://wrocsharp.com. There are first recordings ready. Here is a link to 2016 edition’s playlist: https://vimeo.com/album/3862876

Wroc# 2016 - speakers during discussion panel

Wroc# 2016 – speakers during discussion panel

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